I am the co-founder of Sacred Ibis, Hout Bay, www. sacredibis.org, a gathering space for conscious events and organic gardens. After returning home to Cape Town 12 years ago, from years abroad in London, I entered the corporate world, including eight years in publishing. In January 2012, I stepped away from the corporate realm to pursue deeper dreams and passions, working in our local community, creating two NGO companies: Rainbow Youth Academy and Gracie Organic Gardens. As with all journeys, there have been many challenges, yet the path has been richly bestowed with many blessings. I am passionate about people, animals, community, healing, organic gardening, the earth, stars and the moon.



I am a trained Shamanic Practitioner, under the tutelage of a Native American Grandmother Elder. This path is a life-long journey, which I began in earnest with my own healing 10 years ago. I completed the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, The Art of Living, Vipassana, Neil Schapera’s Shamanic Drum Journey Course and the South American Munay-Ki Earthkeepers Rites. I have a passion for yoga and Qi gong, practicing regularly in my home studio. My work experience includes 10 years in horticulture. I have a deep reverence for our Sacred Mother Earth and a strong connection with the plant kingdom, which has now translated into growing organic food and feeding our economically challenged local community.

My purpose and vision in this lifetime is to assist with transformation and the elimination of suffering on our planet. My dream is to integrate all these healing modalities and ancient indigenous teachings into offerings that can assist individuals, private groups and families, as well as corporate and small businesses with team-building events. The majority of one’s time is spent with co-workers, or in the day-to-day running of homes, where one is usually detached from nature, immersed in technology, with very little time available to nurture the mind, body and spirit. My wish is to offer people time to realize their dreams and what resides in their hearts and work on manifesting them into reality.


Please click on offerings below . These can be streamlined according to your needs, whether as a group or individual.  


Team Building Opportunities

You can  custom design your  Team Building experience from the offerings above. For example, you may choose a day of Community Service,  working in the Organic Gardens together & then making a soup, followed by a serving in the Township to either children or the elderly.

 Or you may choose a Sweat Lodge for the day, as this is a full day ceremony.


You  may wish to begin with an hour of Yoga or Qigong & Meditation, followed by a workshop & teaching. The idea is to find the best offerings to suit your Team Building Goals. 

Please contact me below for further info & rates.

Personal Benefits

Shedding that which no longer serves you 
Manifesting your highest potential through Powerful Intention
The rewards of Community Service, Giving back
Connecting to your inner landscape

Healthy Boundaries within all Relationships

Feeling Spiritually aligned, Alive and Heart Centered

Peace & Harmony within Self

Connection to our Mother Earth and All our Relations 

 Overcoming deep wounds 

Releasing of old patterns

Courageous Conversations

Truth telling 

Greater Productivity & Creativity

Self  Illumination  

Sacred Ibis Venue

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Rainbow Hawk Sweatlodge

Sacred Yoga

 Gracie, Love-in-a-bowl

 Loft Studio

 Temple Tent

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This is a beautifully charged peaceful space where one can gather for sharing circles, teachings, yoga, meditations, art & craft, sound journeys, talks and has been used for accommodation too during retreats.