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My Journey into the Sun

August 25, 2017

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My Journey into the Sun

August 25, 2017

 Greetings all. This is my very first blog. I have decided to share some of my Drum Journeys with you, those that seem wanting to be shared with the world. Please note that all journeys are conducted only with the assistance of the drum, no altered states.


Each of my Journeys vary immensely, depending on the intention I enter with & the questions  I present to the Spirit World. Some are vibrant & colorful, almost fantastical, filled with unknown landscapes and multi dimensional Beings from other realms. Some are more primal, with fire & cave & bones & familiar animal species. There is always a message, there are always signs, whatever shows up requires further research after the journey, and for this reason, I shall share my journey first, and then interpret as much as I can thereafter.


This one particular Journey I had whilst visiting my teacher, a Native American Grandmother Elder, based in Washington State. I traveled there two years ago to continue my Shamanic training with her. We were doing much work around Ancestral karmic debts  & wounding at the time, and exploring what we needed to heal within the Ancestral lineages, whether physical, cultural or spiritual.


One always begins one's  journey in a safe Sacred Space. I commenced from this place I have created for my journey work, which exists in the ether of my imagination, with all elements & guardians present. There are often Guardians or Ancestors or Guides, or Spirit allies, that can accompany one on a journey into the different realms. We always begin in the Lower realm,  where Animal guides  & Ancestors reside and from there can often travel into the Higher realms, where Spirit Teachers reside, and often times, we can visit the Middle Realm too, this reality.  One never quite knows who will show up to assist.


The Guardian I called upon for this journey arrived, as I sat by the Sacred Fire beseeching the Spirit world for assistance. We  began to travel together on the back of a huge Swallow, over lands & waters, mountains & landscapes, and eventually off the planet, heading into outer space. We became a mere spec of light within the infinite darkness of the void. 


A strip of light began to appear within the void; a horizontal line, as if an horizon. We continued to travel towards it, and as we got closer & closer, stairs began to appear towards the light.  When we arrived, I felt invited to begin to ascend the stairs without my Guardian, who would wait for me,  as I moved towards the light. Once I reached the top, there was an immense SUN floating in the void of darkness. At this point my Spirit Teacher's face appeared (this, in all its radiance, I am familiar with) I thanked her deeply for being with me, and went on my knees in humility & gratitude. I then asked her my first question regarding my journey & query (this journey was a follow on from the Ancestral work we had been doing, and the question of inter-species relationships had arisen) I asked if this was truly an inter-species relationship that I was trying to heal, with my Ancestors.


Visions then appeared of all creatures;  alien winged beings, jelly fish type formations, all sorts I cannot even remember or describe. Her answer to me at that moment was that absolutely all of life in the Universe is inter-connected, our DNA is interconnected, nothing stands separate. And then, as if from a portal in the Void, a massive human mouth appeared & masses of golden souls were spewed forth out of it.  The mouth then began to morph into different creatures mouths, a Dragon, then a Jaguar, then a Wolf and so on, with a continuous flow of Golden Souls, like embers from a fire, streaming out, like a river of gold. I then began to witness some human forms, like the scissor cut outs we did as children, of the human shape, all strung along. They began to form circles, and then all spiraled into vortexes. 


I then asked her my second question: about the river of tears I witnessed in my previous Ancestral journey. A big reptilian eye began to take shape in the void, and it began to close very slowly, and a single golden teardrop oozed out of it, as it blinked slowly side ways.  It was beautiful to witness. The message that came through was that this was the Golden Age, and there is to be no more judgement of different species & beings, no more separation; a great healing was upon us.


I was then called back by the drum. I graciously thanked my Spirit Teacher, as her multiple arms of Light enveloped my entire being, as I offered her my heart/love as a gift. Just before I returned, I glanced up & saw a succession of Suns form behind her, across the Void, and disappearing into infinity.


A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin

 I have always had a great love for the Sun, and know too that we receive downloads of energy and information from the Sun, way more than just the required amount of Vitamin D, for instance. I believe I am a child of Grandfather Sun, and we are created by the same spark of fire/light that resides in the Sun, the Eternal Fire of Creation. Some say the Sun is Prime Creator, the highest consciousness of all, the highest frequency & dimension that can be reached as far as the Evolution of the Soul goes. The Suns created by soul families; once all millions of souls have returned from all regions of the galaxy, with their wealth & knowledge gained through the lifetimes they have chosen to live, only to re-unite & create Solar Systems across the multiverse, should they wish to. 


The swallow, of course, has many meanings if one researchers. But here are a few words that resonate on one particular site I read: The swallow takes on the symbolism of all birds. In all shamanic societies it represented an extremely special shaman - one with a gift of extremely competent out of body maneuvering and one capable of travelling very long distances out of body. Thus a swallow person was greatly revered. The forked tail was associated with thunder and lightning and the fact it appeared in the Spring made it a bird representative of the last stages on the spiritual path. Also, A bird sacred to Isis and to Venus and an allegory of spring.


Swallow teaches the power of objectivity, community fellowship, and communications in a group environment. He can teach discernment and proper actions to avoid threats with tenacity, style and class. Swallow shows how to think quickly, react appropriately and use the power of thoughts to manifest ideals. This animal will aid in your in own nesting instincts to create something from nothing. Ingenuity, determination and innate skills will help capture what is necessary for you to succeed. Swallows are masters of the air and will show how to move with utmost grace with agility and style. Are you moving with the flow of thoughts and ideals? Are you working in cooperation with others? Swallow shows how love and communication paired with trust can do the most good. It is time to renew the environment around you and ride the favorable air currents and tailwinds to stay above anything that comes your way.


In a way, I can interpret this journey as travelling to Source. Being shown the birthing of the souls, through infinite consciousness, made up of all that is, was & ever will be within the Galaxy. Quite a claim isn't it? However, I have learnt to TRUST with journey work. Some journeys are so fantastical, I truly do wander where they come from, but as the saying goes, the Universe resides within you. There is so much value in this statement, if only we take the time to venture within, and regard ourselves as limitless & infinite, and not separate from the entire Universe.


Thank you for reading. 


Much Love & Blessings upon you,


Mi Chi Mo 
























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